Examine Your Hearts!

This morning I read (2 Corinthians 13:5) and it said, “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith, Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?- Unless indeed you are disqualified.”

This verse puts things into perspective for me, “test yourselves”, God knows my ways and His plans are good for my life the word says, but have you thought about the testing of yourself? I know the word of God says that we’ll have test and trials in this life, I know that my past trials have made me stronger in Him, I know that every time I think I stand on my own, God reminds me that without Him I am nothing! So why I continue to fail the test in surrendering “EVERYTHING” to Him? The almighty one, the great I am, the Alpha and the Omega, The beginning and the end.

For me, I know that I come to God in despair when things are a “Big deal” and hard to handle; but  in the small things, in the every day things I also need His help, I need His guidance, and I need His direction to make sure I do not fall off track. But to be honest life gets in the way, things , people, friends, family, work, everything is competing to catch my attention and shift it away from my Lord. Every day I need to remind myself that the peace, the joy, the happiness I constantly long for only comes from Jesus. In his presence everything is full of joy!

So do I know that Jesus Christ is in Me like the verse asked, do I know that He wants me to make Him my number One, my ONLY ONE, my source of strength, joy, peace and happiness?

Where does my faith stands, and where is yours?

Perhaps I sometimes feel disqualified of such a great love He has for me. But why?, because I am weak, I am stubborn, and disobedient in the little things. I lack discipline, I lack wisdom, and this is why I know I need God all of the time in everything I do.

(Psalm 18:32) says “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my ways perfect” So why do I think that I could live one single minute without the need of my God? I cannot make myself breathe, wake up, or think, God does it all for me. I am depended of Him with all of my life, and I am in need of remembering this when I think I don’t need His help. Even in the little things.

So examine your heart and see where we are, are we seeking His kingdom with all of our hearts, or are we putting our trust in everything and everyone around us? Are we thankful that we are awake today breathing and healthy, or are we worried about money, our bodies not looking the way we want them to look, our jobs, friends, spouse, boyfriends, family ect.?

I know I am guilty of this, but the wonderful thing is that God knows that too. He knows my heart, my ways, my worries and weaknesses. He knows I need Him, and that’s why He is always there to catch me, to bringing me back home , and to remind me that I need to get my mind out of the temporal and into the eternal.

God Bless,



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